This page links to some of the teaching resources from the most recent versions of my lecture series Death in the Victorian Novel and The Victorian House, originally given at the Faculty of English, Oxford University, in autumn 2017. Handouts are all in PDF format, and shared via Dropbox.

Death in the Victorian Novel – handouts

Week 1: Small Dead Blonde Girls (from Charles Dickens to Harriet Beecher Stowe)

Week 2: The Domestic Corpse (contains descriptions of the laying-out of corpses, be warned. Also Adam Bede)

Week 3: Burying Your Gays (A Marriage Below Zero, Conan Doyle, the inevitable Tennyson, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, MORDECAI)

Week 4: Fallen Women (And Some Men Too)

Week 5: Suicide in Oscar Wilde

Week 6: The Undead (Stoker, Kipling, the New Woman, bibliography)


The Victorian House – handouts

Week 1: Home, Sweet Home! (home is terrifying and horrific)

Week 2: Bedroom (still terrifying and horrific)

Week 3: Kitchen (classism, starvation, the erotics of dirt, the word ‘urinal’)

Week 4: Servants’ Hall (they hate you)

Week 5: Lodgings (Bohemian and queer domesticities, hurrah)

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