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England in ‘cannot cope with snow’ shock.

4.5 members of our seminar group (Sam, Michael, Lisa, Lisa’s-boyfriend-who-has-a-reader’s-card and myself) are in the Bodleian. Through the windows, we can see snow falling on the Rad Cam, the New Bodleian, and the colleges beyond Broad Street.

The power has gone out.

And, this morning, the age-old editor’s dilemma: do I send my reviewer to London in semi-blizzard conditions, knowing that the buses are delayed and there are at least fourteen closures/disruptions on the Underground?

Yes. Yes I do. (‘Look, you’re only doing Notting Hill to Sloane Square, and there are plenty of people you can stay with…’).

If she dies in a snowbank, I’m going to feel terrible (1,000 words!).

Oxfordshire Snow Linkspam

  • As ever, the meterological freakery that is Oxford gets BBC attention!
  • Carfax webcam; the dome in the top left corner is one we can see from our window.
  • Keble mathmo posts this beautiful picture of Pusey Quad. I haven’t been over to my college yet today (I’m in this evening), will try and get some photos.

Back to reading A Doll’s House (1879) (the only play I ever saw that made me worried I’d stand up and shout at the stage. I remember digging my nails into the armrests).