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Nadhim Zahawi, Tory landlords, Grenfell Tower

Because I want to make this point in as many places and ways as I can: here is the list of landlord Conservative MPs who voted against making homes habitable under the Homes and Planning Bill. On the list is Nadhim Zahawi, the millionaire Tory MP for Stratford-on-Avon, who during the expenses scandal was revealed to have spent the most on energy bills of any sitting MP, including heating his horses’ stables. Evidently, he was far more concerned about those animals than he was the human beings living in places like Grenfell Tower.

I am singling out Zahawi because I am ashamed that he is MP for my beloved hometown, and because the contrast between a man who lavished money on animals but wouldn’t vote to save people is so disgusting. Of course, today he’s busily retweeting all the condolences and the fundraising links. But I think everyone should know the part he – along with the rest of the landlords, Boris Johnson, and everyone who ignored the Grenfell Tower residents’ campaign – played in the tragedy.

Teachers from Kensington Aldridge Academy (one of them known to me), the school closest to Grenfell, have begun this fundraising page for victims. Please donate there.


I just changed my Twitter pic.

It felt like the regeneration of my own personal Doctor.

My Tweets are as banal as they come, BUT I like to think… no, I’m sorry, I don’t like to think anything, just, why has my nose got so much bigger?

This content-free post should at least make you laugh if you click on the following link: sex ed in the Grauniad. I was basically Mulan, except seven. There was no YouTube, but there was a Queer As Folk UK trailer my parents didn’t quite switch off in time…

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles of a suspected cardiac arrest. He was 50. The singer collapsed at his home and was taken to hospital in a coma. He was subsequently pronounced dead. Family members including Latoya Jackson arrived at the hospital; friends including Uri Gellar and Wyclif Jean have released statements expressing their grief.

On Twitter, the trending term #michaeljackson has knocked #tehran off the no. 1 spot for the first time since the election crisis in Iran began.

Mat Horne released, Rob Brydon unmasks James Corden Twitter fake

RealRobBrydon and the real James Corden. Presumably not laughing at Matthew Horne's tight jeans.

According to a spokesman, Matthew Horne has been released from hospital after collapsing onstage during yesterday afternoon’s performance of Entertaining Mr Sloane. Horne lay unconscious onstage for ten minutes before paramedics arrived; he and Imelda Staunton (who also complained of feeling unwell) have both been replaced in the production by understudies.

A decision will be released today as to whether the production will continue. An unsympathetic (and frankly disgusting) London audience booed last night as stage management told them both Staunton and Horne had been taken ill earlier that day. Although audience members watching the show when Horne collapsed will be refunded, the theatre has refused to comment on whether other theatregoers can exchange their tickets.

These positive reports of Horne conflict strongly with those made by “James Corden” on Twitter, an account with 2,401 followers. The account, impersonating the actor, spent yesterday sending negative updates on Horne’s condition, telling fans that he was “in really bad shape” and criticising comedian Rob Brydons jokes about Horne (Brydon had said Horne was going to be fine, and laughingly – and fairly obviously fondly – attributed it to his ‘tight jeans‘, hoping Horne would now favour ‘a casual slack’) by saying Bryon didn’t know ‘what kind of state Mat’s in’.

A suspicious Brydon contacted Horne’s co-star Corden, and made the following announcement yesterday evening at around 9 p.m.: From the horse’s mouth, James Corden is not on Twitter so the posts re Mat are from someone with a lovely sense of humour. You must be proud“. The account has not been updated since.

THEdavidtennant | Rocking out with Sarah Kane | Shakespeare in oils

2,000 words written today, right on schedule! Also, visitors to the blog seem to have exploded – what you get for mentioning Mr. Tennant, I suppose (or so Google tells me). Can’t decide what I think about the THEdavidtennant spoof on Twitter, but am leaning towards …not very funny. At all. The disclaimer’s much too small, the incentive to donate to Comic Relief is slight, and it’s an unpleasant portrayal of the man. I am excited about Comic Relief, though – I have a t-shirt! My mum bought it for me, hurrah.  Post library marathon, I  rewarded myself with a visit to Majliss (which has opened up right by where I live), and all I can say is – RUN, DO NOT WALK, deliciousness! The lamb korma was actually the best korma I’ve ever eaten, the rice was delicious, and the freebies didn’t, er, hurt. I wonder if it’d be a good place to go for next term’s Women’s Dinner? Two girls from my MCR have already been there for dinner, and they absolutely loved it (and both are very discerning).

Was in the Bodleian today with Lizzie – we rocked out on our headphones. I am not a frequent user of headphones and don’t really get them – I have a tendency to bop, shout when people talk to me, and (on occasion) belt out lines of Dolly Parton, should that be what last.fm deigns to offer me. Particularly enjoyed the internet’s oscillations between Duke Ellington, Disney and, um, Bach. Both of us have impending deadlines (Lizzie’s thesis is due on Friday), and we were comfortably manic, side by side. Today was the Sarah Kane essay (source of many nightmares, metaphorical and real – well, as real as nightmares can be); a tricky section on critical appropriation (‘the mistakes critics make when dealing with Kane are x and y ….oh wait, me too’) and a really enjoyable one (oh god, that makes me sound morbid, but hopefully my fellow postgrads will understand) on female suicides and their place in patriarchy. I used the word ‘topoi’, and just as Lizbet is eradicating her thesis’s nine million uses of the word ‘seems’, I suspect I’m going to have to go back and cut ‘patriarchy’ in all its three thousand iterations.

Also, if the Guardian RSS feed gives me ONE MORE article on that SODDING PORTRAIT (look how my enthusiasm has waned since yesterday…), I will set fire to the internet. Blogger in volte face shock. But seriously — is this portrait actually Shakespeare?, we don’t need no stinkin’ portrait, only an idiot could possibly believe it, I, Charlotte Higgins, am not so much a rain on yr parade as a deluge, here have some pictures of him which aren’t this onecan we believe any portraits of him anyway, I, Jonathan Jones, wish to QUOTE AT YOU — and so on. Oh, and a bit in CiF which manages to say… nothing, really. In defiance of all this gainsaying, I have officially decided that it IS a Shakespeare portrait, and now believe it utterly. Thank you & goodnight.

(but… oh dear, he does look a lot like Elizabeth I. I still prefer the Sanders (wasn’t he hot?) and the awful bust – I think he’s cute! Look at his TINY NOSE.)