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early televised shakespeare

(Currently the idea is that) My doctoral research will look at Shakespeare performance history, focusing on stage performances of the Late Plays from about the 1860 to about 1933. I could go on, but the ideas are still as full of parentheses and italics as the King James Bible. But a post discussing television theatre…

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Bullingdon Revisited

Although few who know me will believe this, I do not, in fact, obsess over my blog statistics. When I first started this blog, those little graphs were something of an addiction, but the dependency wore off (Brrnrrd told me it would. At the time, developing RSI from the ‘refresh’ button, I didn’t believe her…

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swine flu no. 2

I still have swine flu. I am coughing and aching (EVERY JOINT. Apparently flu’s a generational thing on which we chillens missed out, although Katie’s had it and she’s only 25) and falling asleep at things. I am also simmering with resentment about how it is AUGUST, and GOOD WEATHER, and yet instead of the…

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