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The Internet is for – ?

Inspired by this post at Rhian Jones’s political blog, I thought it worth noting that since I blogged photos & responses to the Oriel 24 Hour Play, under the title ‘Nuns & Nipple-Sucking‘, the number of people who find this blog by googling ‘nuns’, ‘sucking nuns’ and terrifying variations thereon has soared from zero to horrific. The post itself is currently heading my ‘Top Posts’ table. I don’t know whether to be amused or dismayed. Welcome, guys – I hope you enjoy the student theatre, Shakespeare and grad school musings. I doubt it.

(and on the other hand, it’s just tempting to make a post consisting entirely of VIAGRA PORN TEHRAN OBAMA, but perhaps I wouldn’t stoop so low. If I start writing articles on the Iranian market for erectile dysfunction pills, somebody remind me that I used to have integrity)