Complicit Press Night becomes a ‘Guest Night’

starring Richard Dreyfuss and David Suchet
COMPLICIT: starring Richard Dreyfuss and David Suchet

The first night of Kevin Spacey’s Complicit has apparently been postponed by nine days.

Well, that’s not completely true: performances will be going ahead completely as scheduled, but Monday’s show – the one I’m seeing – will now be a ‘Guest Night’ instead of a Press Night (…can I still write it up for the OR?). The BBC article, above, suggests it’s problems with Richard Dreyfuss not knowing his lines/struggling to recall them. The Old Vic website shows no official word about the change, except for the word ‘Revised’ that now heads Complicit‘s performance schedule, available here (pdf). Sensibly, the theatre’s silence extends to the rumours about Dreyfuss – which I hope aren’t true; I feel terribly sorry for the whole company. Obviously, though, there are problems and they know what problems they have won’t be fixed by Monday, or that’d be Press Night – sounds as though we could be in for an interesting evening.