On Addiction: Michael Berg and Kabbalah

A quotation from Michael Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre:

Being addicted doesn’t make us bad, weak or hopeless. Just the opposite. It means we have a unique soul that wants more.

Wow. No wonder bastardised Kabbalah has become so popular with crazy celebrities – you’re an alcoholic because you’re special! You do too much coke and ket because you’re great! You’re an unique soul! And no, being addicted doesn’t make you bad, weak or hopeless, but being addicted to drugs or booze quite clearly is bad, takes enormous amounts of strength & support to overcome, and can lead people into situations which are incredibly hopeless. Berg also says that

When looking through the lens of Kabbalah, addiction is seen as a positive door to greater personal transformation […]

Um, that’s not ‘addiction’, that’s ‘recovery’. The only ‘door’ that addiction leads to is illness, misery & death.

And yes, I did take these quotations from Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter. That’s because I get indescribable glee whenever she advises us to create capsule wardrobes around a $400 shift dress, or to make bruschetta for our tiny, toddling children.