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Equal As We Are

I'm on Radio 4 today! At 1.45 p.m. you can catch playwright Laura Wade and me discussing George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, as part of Equal As We Are, a 10-part series about gender relations in literature

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PODCAST: Women and Power

Whether or not you’re joining us in Oxford for the Women & Power conference next week, I hope you’ll check out the National Trust’s Women & Power podcast series. The five-episode series is presented by Kirsty Wark, and features a whole host of great stories from across the Trust, and contributions from lots of different…

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Radcliffe Camera Occupation: updates & links primer

Please follow/share/RT/propagate. Thank you. Earliest interior & exterior shots of the protest (1.30 p.m.) Occupation statement from inside the Radcliffe Camera Video of student protest party from inside the Lower Cam Facebook event for the Oxford Free University teach-in Requests from BBC Radio Oxford for protesters to make contact with the media for protesting!…

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Last week, I was lucky enough to be a judge for OUDS Cuppers 2010, the first-years’ college drama festival. This involved gazing into the tiny, uplifted faces of fresh thespy youth and then brutally marking them out of 10 in a variety of categories including acting, design and marketing. As in 2007 (the last time…

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