Advent Calendar Day 18: Cat!

While my cat is too elderly and too stubby-legged to really climb the Christmas tree, Daisy did spend yesterday evening walking across wrapped presents, disturbing baubles and going to sleep in a tissue-paper-filled-box as if she’d been waiting all her sixteen years for the opportunity. In personality, Daisy is an interesting cross between Queen Victoria (primness, prissiness, dowager sensibilities) and Henry VIII (foul mouth and dietary habits). Being a tortoiseshell with white bib and legs, a prettier cat would be hard to imagine. She is very loving and never, ever shuts up. Except when asleep in a shoebox.

Apparently I’m now a cat blogger. Merry Christmas.

One thought on “Advent Calendar Day 18: Cat!

  1. 1. I love Simon’s cat.
    2. Your cat sounds pretty cool.
    3. We have had to jam our Christmas tree on the kitchen windowsill, leaning off the draining rack and rendering the blind useless until January because if we put it NEAR the cats, they would eat it. And the baubles. And the tinsel. They are destructo-cats. Think Mungojerry and Rumpleteezer, cross bred with the Rum Tum Tugger and a wrecking ball.


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