Advent Calendar

Among the great certainties of life is this: term will end. I wish I could tell you about the last-day-of-term schedule a colleague posted on facebook. It would make you weep. While I haven’t lost sight of what it’s like to be an undergraduate, I do sometimes wish I could give the undergrads a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. Term is over, and Advent has begun (or probably hasn’t, probably it starts tomorrow; I can’t be bothered with the theological niceties, Church of England – sort this mess out and then we can talk).

Anyway, hello. I am back. I am not even slightly back, because apart from the general wassail, hilarity and knitwear, and despite having sent a frankly ludicrous number of words to my lucky, lucky supervisors only recently, it seems I am still in the position of having to write All The Things. It’s not exactly a labour of Hercules or that one with the rock, but it is astonishing. Which is obviously why I’m HERE, creating for you a jolly Advent Calendar. The idea is that every day between now and FELIZ NAVIDAD itself (I’m aware that that means “Happy Christmas” not “Christmas Day” but I include it because when I was little,* I thought Feliz Navidad was a real person, possibly half-cat and certainly half-raver, who walked around covered in fairy lights and that when people spoke in Spanish accents to refer to him, it was because they were really happy) I will post something relevant or festive or thought-provoking to do with Advent and Christmasness. It is likely that within 48 hours, this will involve irrelevant pictures of foxes. So yes. Here is Advent, Day 1!

1882 Greetings Card, mocking the
1882 Greetings Card, mocking the “Aesthetic” movement (and, with it, Oscar Wilde!). Victoria & Albert Museum (click for more info).

P.S. – bonus found Oscar/Christmas crossover: how to be simultaneously in the gutter and also looking at the stars, on flickr.


*quiet in the cheap seats.

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