Why Don’t My Students Remember The 90s?

  1. Wotcher, wordpress. Most of the blog posts I have recently considered making would PROBABLY render me unemployable, and after five terms of DPhil I have started to consider that. So subject lines such as “Today, My Students Did Not Find Me Out” or “On Holiday I Took A Picture Of A Cat: Here’s Why I Want To Be Him”* or “To My Stomach, with apologies backdated to the day I started writing up this chapter: An Open Letter” won’t do. But I am looking forward to “Mother Of God, Why Don’t My Students Remember The 1990s?”  a dance poem/docudrama I look forward to creating in hesitant/stream-of-consciousness prose.
  2. I have a tumblr, i.e. contemporary shorthand for “the sands of attention span are sifting inexorably through the hour-glass of click-reblog-despair”. It is herehttp://hurrahvictoriana.tumblr.com . Equal parts Bosie Douglas, 1890s actresses, facial hair and Chekhov. You’ll like it.
  3. To day, to my despair, I discovered that Kate Beaton is beautiful, and not a troglodyte whose furry-follicled hideousness would restore karmic balance to the world, given that her cartoons are precisely everything that is good/lovely/joyful therein.
  4. Term ends on Friday and all the embryonic/fledging academics I know are gleaming-eyed because AT LAST, it’s the VACATION, time for some REAL WORK! I’m genuinely looking forward to it, there’s so much academic and non-academic stuff I need to get on with. Then I’m going to Paris and Montpelier (last hurrah before Em’s Final Push Towards Thesis/CV-junket/culcha). And hopefully, soon, I’ll know where I’m living next year…
  5. I wrote >1,500 words today; I’m going to bed and you can’t stop me.

*the cat was sunbathing on Capri, stretched full-length with great chops of ginger catty smugness, in lieu of an actual face.

We all know why I want to be the cat.

7 thoughts on “Why Don’t My Students Remember The 90s?

  1. Horatio

    Greetings from the Antipodes: lil’ ol’ Adelaide in lil’ ol’ South Australia. I’m 4 weeks in to a DPhil on good ol’ Will. Anyway, since Honours last year I’ve dug your blogs; they’ve helped keep me sane, and filled me with quiet envy at the same time. Have a mate who’s in Cambridge at the moment and thus between the two of you, you have my dream life. Speaking of Dorian Gray, have you seen the (1950s I think?) film version with a very young and pretty Angela Lansbury as the doomed songbird? Stunning. Keep up the excellent work.


    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Such a great comment to get, thanks. What’s your thesis going to be about? Also, thank you for delurking – I get most of my blog comments on facebook, so it’s great to meet a reader here.

      Angela Lansbury as Sybil Vane = best thing ever. I really want to see that film now.


      1. Pablo Muslera

        Delurking – wunderbar! Nice neologism – now we just need a few elisions and some antitheses, and we can be confident it’s YOU who wrote Shakespeare. Did you happen to see ‘Anonymous’? As a staunch Stratfordian, I loved it purely as gorgeous and ridiculous popcorn fare – spot the historical impossibilities! My thesis is one of those artefact/exegesis numbers, a ‘rewrite of the Scottish play’ in contemporary times/language, ostensibly to investigate whether it’s possible to retain the essence of the original play while systematically replacing things like the language/setting. Not actually sure if there’s enough theory there to drive a three-year thesis, but I’ve about 30, 000 words of the creative artefact that I’ve been writing on the side, so I figure it’s worth a try. Thought I’d start with Heidegger’s idea about ‘the structure of language affects our thinking’ and see how that goes. Digging up all sorts of interesting stuff about tanistry vs primogeniture in Scots history, and references to Dante/Geneva bible version of the fall from grace in Macbeth – not to mention the obligatory Gunpowder plot and pandering to James I. But I’ve bored you enough, and definitely catch Ms Lansbury in Dorian when you can!



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