Happy New Year

I break my blogging silence (picnic, lightning, or in other words the start of Michaelmas term) to wish you all a happy new academic year & detail the following contribution to gender equality, made by self and housemate Andrew:

after bumping into each other at the Oxford WomCam meeting, he went home to clean the kitchen floor. I remained upstairs, paying the gas bill & dealing with matters of higher scholarship.

So yes. Up the revolution.


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Dr Sophie Duncan is Fellow in English at Christ Church, University of Oxford. She works regularly as a historical advisor and as a dramaturg for theatre, TV, radio and film. She likes theatre, detective fiction and cocktails.

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  1. A happy coincidence of the ad software on your blog means that immediately below UP THE REVOLUTION I have two flashing green tabs, labelled ‘Download’ and ‘Play now’.

    I am confused, Sophie, and would appreciate yr advice on whether I should play The Revolution now (adv: get out of work, dis: not get paid; might get strung from lamppost) or download it for later (adv: unleash at opportune moment; have revolutionary songs saved on laptop, dis: hampering onset of Revolution thus prolonguing global suffering; might be a trojan).


    • The revolution is NOT A GAME, Sheenagh. I advise queuing the Revolution until you’ve got some scissors for de-lamposting yourself, and have thrown a ceremonial cloth over the Aga.

      PS, I thought of you today. Our neighbours had a bucket of the squittiest, squashiest “organic” apples out on their gatepost. Clearly the madness is spreading South…


  2. Ah well, under ‘Up the Revolution’ I see: “51 year old mom looks 25! Mom reveals $5 wrinkle cream that has angered doctors!”

    And a little bit of the revolution cries in the corner.


    • I got that one about LOSE YOUR BELLY FAT with this one weird tip. My bit of revolution is crying with yours.

      (by the way, can you resend me the link to your jewellery business? So many thanks)


  3. Hallo, this is your mother commenting. I do not understand what “picnic, lightning” means – I trust it does NOT mean that you have been struck by lightning while reclining under a tree enjoying a scotch egg. Or similar. Also I love Andrew.


    • You are right to love Andrew. “Picnic, lightning” is from LOLITA which I was re-reading because Andrew has a copy here! 😀


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