Review of Sarah Daniels in Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network

I recently reviewed Plays 1 (the collection of Sarah Daniels’s plays, which I mentioned a few months ago on this blog) for the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network. The short article is published in their newsletter; for those of you not subscribed to their mailing list, a .pdf of the newsletter/magazine can be downloaded here. I really enjoyed Dr. Helen Davies’s piece on being an early career researcher, also included in the PG CWWN’s latest.

In other news, I am back in the ‘shire and on staycation, curating the elderly family pet while my parents are in Italy. In my mother’s absence, the cat initially developped severe personality problems but seems to be calming down now. She vastly prefers Emily to me.

A couple of nights ago, Emily – raised in Germany – saw Les Dawson on television for the first time. It was a revelation for her.

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