reductio ad absurdam / parliament is recalled

ETA: Parliament is definitely being recalled; Matthew Hancock MP has confirmed it to the BBC.

“Cuts don’t cause violence. Looters are thieves, and thieves are thieves because that is what they are.”

– Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney, on Radio 4 late last night. What a stupid, unhelpful, blinkered and reductive thing to say.

I have nothing much else to say about this. I’m embarrassed by the reports from Birmingham and Wolverhampton, deeply sorry for all those affected (especially workers in the stereotypically-evil-chain-stores, and of course Reeves in Croydon) and relieved that, as yet, none of my friends seems to have been hurt. Unsurprisingly, in OX1, we have yet to smell the smoke.

Parliament is to be recalled on Thursday, according to (say it quietly) Guido Fawkes.

1 thought on “reductio ad absurdam / parliament is recalled

  1. Naomi

    “What a stupid, unhelpful, blinkered and reductive thing to say.”
    – THIS.
    I am currently wanting to scream at certain people I know for the horrendously conservative and reductive things they are saying about what’s happening.



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