THE FAMED AND THE FORGOTTEN: Oxford English Graduate Conference 2011

crucially, this is not me. It is Penelope Lively. I don't have a scarf.

The conference is tomorrow! Come along to the English Faculty, we’re really looking forward to seeing you all. A reminder to Oxford students of all disciplines: even if you haven’t registered, you’re still very welcome to drop in to any panels/sessions you fancy, regardless of your degree/subject area.

For registered delegates, registration will take place between 8.30 and 9.00 inside the main entrance to the Faculty (up the stairs). We have 45 papers from many different institutions, and delegates arriving from all over the world. In addition, we have an exciting panel on “The Future of Reading” and a keynote address from author Penelope Lively.

I’ll be speaking at the session Stages and Spotlights at 3.20 p.m. in the History of the Book Room (beside the IT Training Room, below the steps to the Graduate Common Room). It would be amazing to see some of you there. Special blogger-plug-highlights: Alex Pryce of More Books, Please is speaking in The Lost and the Absent at 9 a.m., also in the History of the Book Room, and you can catch Simon Thomas (of Stuck In A Book fame) in Breaking New Ground: Modernism-1950, at 10.45 in Room 10.

Please do come and say hello at any point during the day – I’m on the committee so will be dashing about quite a lot. In the meantime, you can download the full programme text here, or read the schedule online.

2 thoughts on “THE FAMED AND THE FORGOTTEN: Oxford English Graduate Conference 2011

  1. Kate N.

    Looks like a great programme, but you might want to amend the spelling error for this session “Rememberance of Things Past.” (Internet spelling monitor). Hope you have productive and inspiring discussions, and we’ll see you in the NW in July.



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