Supervision, Publication!

an issue of the BLR which does NOT contain my article.

Supervision went well! Poor old William Archer was worried about nothing.

Equally important: I am finally published! My first article is now in print in the Bodleian Library Record, and sitting on my desk.

The citation is as follows: “Oscar Wilde’s ‘A Good Woman’: A Bibliographical Investigation into Magdalen MS. 300”, BLR vol 23 no 2 (October 2010), pp. 230-246. I am now Duncan (2010). This is very exciting, not least because the contributor list is so illustrious (the contributor bios are sort of hilarious. X is Emeritus, Y is Research Associate, and Sophie Duncan is a squit, we can say NOTHING about her really). Mary Clapinson, the Editor, was incredibly kind and helpful throughout the whole process, hacking the piece into shape and (above and beyond the call of duty) teaching me MS pagination. Helpfully, this ended years of me using recto and verso without any real idea what they meant.

So. Yes. An expensive and last-minute research trip has also been postponed until such time as it need be neither: today is a good day.

3 thoughts on “Supervision, Publication!

    1. Yes! (Um, since you asked a while back, they’re £12 and you order them from the distributor, which is Turpin… *sheepish*)


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