S Day

this is hilariously how my face looks right now. probs including moustache

William Archer: NEVER DID A DPHIL.

To use Alex‘s term, it’s S Day.

I am off to print out whatever it was I handed in,* confirm my WORST SUSPICIONS, rewrite my Organised List Of Things To Discuss, and then stare fretfully at William Archer (here is a picture of him!) until Tamara takes me to coffee.

N.B. Tamara, I am not expecting you to buy the coffee, I just like the feeling of RESCUE those words convey. Like “Take me to the Ritz”, but crucially unlike “take you to court”.

*a possible draft of Chapter 2

1 thought on “S Day

  1. Sheenagh

    You afford your own coffee? Clearly you are too affluent to be on my progressive alliance team.

    Good luck with supervision. x



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