christmas speech to a grateful nation

This Christmas, I wore a lot of false moustaches, wrote a lot of words and ate a lot of mince pies. I am delighted to hear that Harriet Walter is being made a dame. I was appalled and baffled as to why Hercule Poirot And The Prisoner of Azerbaijan, or whatever it was ITV put out on Christmas Day, had to start with an irrelevant and disturbing scene of a bunch of Muslims stoning a pregnant woman to death (Well done on that congruence of multiple offensive and unnecessary -isms, Independent Television! Truly, you speak for the people). I wish Huw Edwards wouldn’t keep referring to the murdered landscape architect Joanna Yeates as ‘Jo’ as opposed to Ms/Miss Yeates. I am in love with the film Nativity. On Monday, I’m visiting Germany for the first time!

Hopefully 2011 will be the year David Cameron’s vast bubble of a face finally explodes, disgorging slime and social immobility. Meanwhile, enjoy Kenneth Williams, because he’s awesome, and have a Happy New Year.

1 thought on “christmas speech to a grateful nation

  1. Laura M

    OH GOD, so the stoning scene had no plot relevance as well as being tiredly Orientalist, then? I did mean to establish this but the sitting room was very dim and very warm, and I had eaten horrific amounts of food, and my sister’s dressing gown was very comfortable..I think I made it past him interviewing the Russian aristocrat before lapsing into a coma.



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