Occupation of the Rad Cam by Oxford students and allies

Update: (while I was getting a sandwich) The girl taken to hospital is apparently all right. The protesters barricaded the doors, but seem to have been leaving in small groups, escorted by police, once they’ve been searched for Bodleian books! There was a bit of National Anthem-singing. There was a rave inside the Camera. A lot of protesters look under 18. When I came back in (about 30 minutes ago) there were at least 15 police around the library, and 2 on horseback. The mood was quite upbeat still – nothing like what I’ve heard of London. The Old Library is closed on three sides and the librarians don’t really want to let people back in, but will if you’ve been researching earlier today (like me). The poor things look like they could do with some police backup. There are occasional sirens.

photo-credit: Clamorous Voice

photo-credit: [redacted] not!me

pictures of the occupation of the Radcliffe Camera (English & Theology library) by Oxford students et al. as part of #demo2010, taken between 1.30 and 2 p.m. today. One female student, an epilepsy sufferer, has had a fit and is being taken to hospital by ambulance.

6 thoughts on “Occupation of the Rad Cam by Oxford students and allies

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  3. Alex Pryce

    Hi Sophie. I found you when I was nosing about on twitter about the protests, and since I can’t get into the Bod I have every reason to leave you a comment. I’m Alex doing contemporary N.I. women’s poetry (we met last week at the PRS session). Glad to see another blogger and English DPhil on WordPress!

    (I’m at morebooksplease.wordpress.com)


    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Hi Alex, awesome to hear from you! Sorry about the Bod – just tell them you were in there earlier and you needneedneed to collect your stuff. That’s the way. Maybe you look inherently radical… obviously I don’t. See you tomorrow (unless of course all Ox is burned to the ground)! If you don’t know him/it yet, Simon Thomas of http://stuck-in-a-book.co.uk is in his 2nd year DPhiling at Magdalen. Well worth a look (and an incredibly nice chap).


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