stage, spires, and Shakespeare

This inspired me to break my blogging hiatus. How I WISH Anne, Emily and Charlotte (who’s your favourite Brontë? Correct answer = Charlotte) had made it into the LITERARY CLUBHOUSE, then maybe they wouldn’t have died horribly on the slopey, windswept, mould-green horror that is Haworth.**

*Can’t talk much about job at present, lots of stuff in the pipeline, personal life v happy but not for the interwebs…..

**I would be a terrible R!Gothic heroine.

3 thoughts on “Brontë Sisters Powerdolls

  1. Lizbet says:

    This slur on my homeland shall be avenged!!


    1. clamorousvoice says:

      No. 1 comment by tourists at work, re: Haworth: ‘Well, you can see why they died’. Ha!


  2. brrnrrd says:

    This is *very* funny.


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