stage, spires, and Shakespeare

There is no such thing as the sacrosanct first draft, which must under no circumstances be changed, for fear of losing something precious and irrecoverable. Writing is a process, and during that process any number of decisions, conscious or otherwise, are made before a single word is written. There’s no mystery about this. Your initial choices may be instinctive, but they are washed through filters of arrogance, influence, self-censorship, experience, fear, understanding, partiality…the list goes on.

Nothing we write is ‘pure.’ So let’s disabuse ourselves of that myth and get on with the difficult task of writing. Which means, essentially, rewriting.


One thought on “On First Drafts:

  1. Have to agree. Very occasionally I’ll write a scene in a draft that sits just right but even then, after changes are made around it I’ll inevitably have to change something about it. Rewriting and revising are definitely essentials.


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