South Bank / Soundbites

I’ll be seeing a lot more of this view, come March. V exciting.

In the meantime, let’s play a game.

Five questions for my fellow bloggers (in any medium). If you’d like a mini-interview, comment below and say so. I’ll respond with five questions. If I know you well, they’re likely to be more personal (although within the scope of your blog. Ish). If I don’t know you, they’re more likely to come from your blog directly, things I’ve either wanted to know or always inferred. Whether I know you or not, there may be a smattering of truly random questions, from you-and-your-spoons (the Private Eye, and not the chronic-metaphorical sort) to fridge magnet existentialism (I love fridge magnets). You can answer either in comments or on your blog: I’ll publish my favourite answers here, and link to all blogged replies.

I remain amazed by the things people will tell me which I have no right to know. Don’t disappoint me.

9 thoughts on “South Bank / Soundbites

    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      1) What makes you angriest? Not on an existential (or perhaps even an ideological) level, but on a day-to-day basis, what is it that makes you angriest?

      2) Tell me about a moment when you really loved one of your friends.

      3) Were you excited or terrified when your periods started?

      4) All the people whom you have ever loved and cared about are invited to a big room in which to celebrate your life. There’s champagne, balloons, exquisite food and a remarkable lack of surprise when people return from the dead (in surprisingly good nick). Excluding, then, any shrieks, faints, or conclusive revelations on the existence of God, how do you think the evening would go?

      5) Do you have any opinions or attitudes that you think would disappoint your friends, were you to share them?


    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Working on these & will have them ASAP (don’t like to post with only 3 out of the 5). But yay, I was hoping you’d comment!


    2. clamorousvoice Post author

      1. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever imagined inflicting on another human being?

      2. Tell me about a moment at which you really loved your mother.

      3. As a poet, how do you feel about critiques and publication?

      4. Who was the first person you really wanted?

      5. What would you rather write, a best-selling novel or a hit play? Both become classics in time.


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    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Awesome. Especially if you blog these on VC or cuntsareetc.

      1. What does it take to make you hate someone?

      2. Take David Cameron out for coffee and a chat. Discuss.

      3. I have always found you v. stylish. Your wardrobe. Favourite item therein past or present, with particular reference to prevailing aesthetic, e.g. ‘Carl Barat’, ‘Anne Boleyn’, ‘half-finished manuscript not found in suitcase beneath bed on which I die, a la Jean Rhys/As the trains flood past the window’ etc.

      4. Tell me about a moment when you really loved somebody you’re friends with now.

      5. Which songs are guaranteed to make you feel happy?



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