Oxford-based bloggers

I know there’s plenty of you out there. Calling anyone who was ever woken by Magdalen or shouted shut up at Christ Church c. 9 o’clock at night. I’m calling out readers and bloggers who are, or have been Oxford residents. Whether for work or educational reasons, if you live or lived or work or worked or study or…. yeah, if you did anything significant inside the Oxford ring road, I want you.

I’m wondering about the diversity of subject & experience, about which writers I’m missing, and also about simple numbers. In a shock twist of fate a lot of my readership (serried ranks that you are) at some point had an OX postcode, so I’m looking to you to help me out. I know some of you now- or post-Oxonian blogjunkies already – Velvet Coalmine, C**** Are Still Running The World, Eat Your Sherbert, American Amazon, Write Off The Map and Penny Red head up the alumni (as it happens, alumae) but Stuck In A Book, Oxford’s Omnivore, Brrnrrd, Wanderlust and Oxford, Abridged are all RL friends with .ox.ac.uk emails and an undue familiarity with words like ‘battels’ and ‘pidge’.

All these writers come heartily recommended. I’m aware I haven’t given you any clue as to content, merely titles. Assume American Amazon doesn’t sell books and Eat Your Sherbert doesn’t encourage gum rot and get reading. But before you go, give me links! Who’m I missing, here?

4 thoughts on “Oxford-based bloggers

  1. Hello darling. Thanks for the recommendation. When will you be around Oxford, I haven’t seen you in a very long time!! Blogs-wise, I guess a good place to start are Isis mag and The Alligator, which are both pseudo-blogs. Also, Things with wings, a crazy Oxford-based bird club, has a blog: http://madaboutthebird.blogspot.com/. I’ll think of more…

    Btw, I love that nun’s and nipple-sucking is still your top post…say’s a lot about the world, doesn’t it.


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