Bullingdon Revisited

Although few who know me will believe this, I do not, in fact, obsess over my blog statistics. When I first started this blog, those little graphs were something of an addiction, but the dependency wore off (Brrnrrd told me it would. At the time, developing RSI from the ‘refresh’ button, I didn’t believe her and took this as one more indication of her cool/nihilism/being totally dead inside). 

However. I just happened to check my hits this morning. And, apparently, today was Clamorous Voice’s second-busiest day, ever. All because of this post, and my incoherent-but-inviolable-views-on-the-Bullingdon. The Bullingdon Club (Oxford, tailcoats, Tories, wankers) has been on my mind again today, for the unrelated reason that yesterday my beloved (my Scottish male homosexual beloved; there are several) asked whether I’d been watching ITV’s Trinity. Apparently it is Just Like Our College. I can believe this. Whereas colleges like Queen’s, Trinity, most of the Sts and to some extent Worcester seem amiable but bland, everything about our own alma cogan has always been quite startlingly bonkers. I ought to do a post on college stereotypes one day, were it not for a) fear of libel, and b) almost all of my out-of-college friends were thesps and/or homosexuals, at least as an undergraduate, resulting in an extremely skewed but highly-coloured and entertaining version of events. But Trinity really does seem very boring.

Can only attribute ClVo’s  sudden surge in popularity to the fact that today is Sunday of 0th week (in English, the start of Oxford Freshers Week) and thus tiny Bullingdon wannabes are googling for advice. Mine is: don’t do it. Or, you know, in less spire-centric and more plausible news, because Channel 4 is fervently promoting When Boris Met Dave, a depressing look at the origins of everyone who’ll shortly be running the country (say it again: Oxford, tailcoats, Tories, wankers).

Anyway, hello to the first-time-callers; I hope you stick around.

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