Love’s Labour’s Lost (first night tonight)

First night tonight. We had a last line run this morning & have a workshop with Propeller this afternoon. Tickets continue to sell – we only have 40 tickets left out of a possible 400 for the whole run!

The weather could go either way – when we got into Merton Fellows’ Garden this morning, it was blue skies and sun, but then the wind picked up again and it started to cloud over. The ominous grey lasted for most of the runthrough, but then as we were leaving (at about 11) golden sun broke out again. The wind is still quite high, but as I look out of my window it seems quite warm and bright. Personally, I love the chapel space and wouldn’t mind being there.

Very nervous, but feeling positive about how the show will go. Just need to keep up the pace and adjust to props/costumes etc. To anybody who has been following these blog entries, and everybody coming tonight, many thanks; I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. And if you haven’t booked yet, hurry! Email while there are still tickets left!

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