Love’s Labour’s Lost (1 day to go)

We had our wet weather venue rehearsal this morning, running the show as best we could. Despite apprehension about moving, several of us have turned out to prefer the space, myself included. It’s more obviously a thrust stage, offering us greater freedom of movement, and a second level (though probably only Krishna, as Berowne, will get the chance to go up there). When not onstage (or writing essays), the cast explored the chapel (we’ll be performing in the antechapel) and flicked through the book Sam’s reading – Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. Sam is a terrifying (Material) scientist, but I could understand it so it must be pretty mainstream.

The men of Merton are not in fine fettle this morning, Ed White (Armado) feeling rather tired if not emotional, and Phil Aherne (Costard) existing in a straightforward alcoholic fug. However, Krishna’s mum is somewhere cooking delicious food, so presumably he’s being well looked after. Geraldo Silva Neto (Marcade) is back from Italy; Eleanor Lischka (Nathaniel)’s exams are almost over and – apart from the fact that Dan McLean (Longaville) was in the library until 5 this morning, we’re more-or-less raring to go.

It’s bloody cold in that chapel. We’re on our lunch break now, til 3 (second run & DRESS in Merton Fellows’ Garden) and I’m using the time to interim to have hall lunch (free, in the sense I don’t have to pay for it yet) about doing Father’s Day shopping, debate the wisdom of dashing home for WARMER CLOTHES, and send begging emails to squeeze more friends & relations into Saturday night. Saturday night is now completely sold out; Friday is almost sold out, and Sunday and Monday are definitely going fast (I just reserved 6 tickets for the last night, and apparently there aren’t many more left…). And, of course, I’m here to blog. It’s really bloody cold.

Love’s Labour’s Lost | by William Shakespeare | 19-22 June 2009, performance nightly | Merton Fellows’ Garden | tickets £7, £5 concs, book @ | dir. Krishna Omkar and Ellen Davnall | A Merton Floats Production | THE COMPANY: Phil Aherne, Sophie Duncan, Eleanor Lischka, Samantha Losey, James Lowe, Max de Marenbon, Martha May, Dan McLean, Charlotte Mulliner, Krishna Omkar, Emily Roessler, Sam Roots, Michaël Roy, Geraldo Silva Neto, Rebecca Tay,  Ed White |

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