Love’s Labour’s Lost (three days to go!)

Just tried on my full costume for the very first time. …..

….I actually do look like a boy! I had my hair cut yesterday, just a bit shorter & a grip or two will help get it back. I’d mostly been worrying about whether the trousers would fit, to the extent that I’d not considered the overall effect. When I stood in front of the mirror I was so surprised I burst out laughing.

The trousers are women’s trousers and I think if the jacket was shorter, that’d be more of a problem, BUT I’m wearing a tailcoat. I’d really underestimated how its solidity and shape (boys’ age 13-14, since you ask) neutralised my shape (such as it is – I am pretty flat-chested, an asset now for the first time ever).

Cross-dressing made me feel like Cesario! So now I need to feel like Moth. It’s pretty damn good.

We’ve been making real (if slightly hysterical, we open so soon) progress over the last couple of days, and I’m just glad to see what I’ll look like. But I do need duplicate shirts. And possibly a cravat or tie. And some plain black socks. Perhaps not the full costume then.

Ticket sales are going really well, especially considering it’s the end of term – Friday and Saturday nights are already sold out. Only Elizabeth is coming the first night (I wouldn’t let anybody else), then the boys, my parents & Jay on Saturday night. Dorothea is coming on Sunday, and then John-Mark and MY GIRLS (here I abandon coherence for allcaps) on Monday. MY GIRLS. And Emma’s lovely partner, obv. And possibly Liss’s boyfriend as well. But chiefly them and their beautiful faces.

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