Nuns & Nipple-Sucking: PHOTOS of the Oriel 24 Hour Play

John-Mark Philo strikeas himself/strike
John-Mark Philo as himself

The fifth annual Oriel 24 Hour Play, the Annals of Tathituth, smeared Oriel 2nd quad in oozing redness on 2 June 2009. Stumbling out of my dissertation-induced stupor, I went along to see my college son (yes, college father to racist berk Nick Gallagher of OUCA – so very proud, dear readers) shirtless, bleeding, and breastfeeding a ram’s skull (as well as, eventually, most of the cast). We students know how to live. As well as John-Mark Philo, the aforementioned lactating dramawhore, the play (which was written by James Methven, John Bohannon and Joe Brennan, all of whom sound vaguely like anagrams of each other) featured Sophia Satchell-Baeza and Jay Bernard, who blog at Betty Swallow and Brrnrrd respectively. Any review of the Annals of Tathituth would be less an attempt at dramatic criticism than a chronicle of increasing horrific and orally-fixated events, although Sophia’s had a go at spreading the love in Nuns and Nipple-Sucking(which would have been a better title for the play). The Cherwell (print) photos are mine, and here are the best of the rest:

Ollie Mann, Katie Carpenter and Jay Bernard.
Ollie Mann, Katie Carpenter and Jay Bernard.
Carpenter and Mann defy the captioner's art.
Carpenter and Mann defy the captioner's art.

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Dr Sophie Duncan is Fellow in English at Christ Church, University of Oxford. She works regularly as a historical advisor and as a dramaturg for theatre, TV, radio and film. She likes theatre, detective fiction and cocktails.

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  1. Haha, I love it. And yes, writing the review was impossible… I just garbled some crap about genital sweets and soapy nipples, and was done with it!

    You’re done now, aren’t you? CONGRATULATIONS! xxx


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