Oxford Royale, Oliver Ford-Davies & Paris plans (state of the Sophie)

  • Jobs: I have six weeks’ worth of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) for Oxford Royale Academy in July and August (which is so great), but after that I’m unemployed again! So am applying for all sorts of things in the meantime.
  • Dissertation: had my last meeting with supervisor today, am currently sitting down for the last redraft…ack.
  • Play: is going well. I am about 50% off-book and hoping to make it 100% in the next couple of days. We open 19 June, and are already approaching sold-out for the first two nights! Old Mertonian, former OUDS President and RSC Polonius (to, yes, David Tennant’s Hamlet) is apparently attending the Saturday night show. Not sure how Krishna (ever-charming, even 10 days before opening) wangled that one, but w/e. Should be exciting. I just hope he survives the cold…
  • Paris: booked our eurostar, Chlo is investigating wheelchairs and not at all spending her time making lists of clothes. The city is a very, very mixed bag regarding accessibility – the Metro’s totally rubbish, but the streets and buses are apparently great for dropped curbs and ramps (so, unlike Oxford, then). Also, Parisian policy is that, when visiting museums, wheelchair users (and their ALL-IMPORTANT COMPANIONS, obv) get to jump the queue and receive free tickets. We are in no way calling these ‘Special Cripple Tickets’ and/or working out where in the UK we can visit for free/cheap. We have also in no way invented a game called ‘Disability Scooter Chicken’. I invariably chicken out first.


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Dr Sophie Duncan is Fellow in English at Christ Church, University of Oxford. She works regularly as a historical advisor and as a dramaturg for theatre, TV, radio and film. She likes theatre, detective fiction and cocktails.

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  1. Your PEOPLE have not replied to me yet even though I a) asked to reserve tickets and b) asked about access. FAIL SO MUCH FAIL.

    I actually took your advice and drank at SD, btw. Not drunk now though, because it’s EIGHT HOURS since the start and I’ve only just got back.


  2. “I just hope he survives the cold”

    What. What even. I only just noticed this bit. How cold will it GET, Sophie?


    • Really quite – it is outdoors, darling. Dress warmly! No colder than yr average open-air play, though, we’re not planning to throw ice down the necks of the audience.


      • I have never been to an open air play.

        …Or, wait. Poss. once long ago, am not sure.

        Will just have to wear thousands of layers, wool, and bring My Heated Wheat Bags, I suppose. Maybe will bring duvet. And then STAND FORTH announcing myself as Your Friend with glorious air of madness. Clutching hands in the air on M. Bridge, -ish.


        • You are allowed to wear layers and wool but KATIE is in charge of coverings, I DO NOT TRUST YOU not to turn up with entire double bed, merely to discredit me. Also Katie is entirely responsible in all ways and if there is even the slightest hint of air-clutching I will pretend to my parents that you are NOT Chloe but really Katie’s mentee through some sort of Lunatic Outreach Programme, or possibly Bring Your Crazy To Work Day. Have realised you are in fact Miss de Vine, getting headwhacked because you were a nasty Provost of Flamborough is exactly how I’m going to go.


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