Griffin accuses BBC of being “obsessed with race”

And how did Nick Griffin spend his first morning as an MEP? Complaining on the Today programme that Friar Tuck, in the BBC children’s series Robin Hood, is played by a black man. This amounts to “race-obsessed craziness”, apparently.

David Harewood, the actor in question, can be seen in interview here. Turns out he’s from Small Heath, hurrah! The RADA graduate has played Nelson Mandela for the BBC, will appear in Doctor Who later this year, and would have been a footballer had he not become an actor: his U16 team won the All-England Championship. He also played Lord Asriel in the stage version of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.

We used to get letters of complaint at the RSC when occasional patrons couldn’t cope with colour-blind casting in Shakespeare’s plays. They received, in turn, a very stinging letter explaining RSC artistic policy. I think some of them had honestly expected a refund.

I know the BNP got fewer votes than at the last elections. But they’ve got two MEPs now. I don’t want the two prevailing sentiments in any part of this country to be racism and apathy.

7 thoughts on “Griffin accuses BBC of being “obsessed with race”

  1. clamorousvoice Post author

    I would love it if Griffins’ remarks had the effect of boosting Robin Hood‘s viewing figures and/or Harewood’s popularity.


  2. Betty Swallow

    I’m sure it will. At least with the sensible contingent of the British population (wherever they are).


  3. Some Yank

    You’re right, historical accuracy should be thrown out the window to satisfy the never ending forced inclusion of negroids. Why not just rape everyone? Oh, the negroids and mongoloids are already doing that. Maybe that’s why everyone hates them? Or it could be the bombings and terrorism that they are responsible for? Or, perhaps it’s the wrecked banking, economic crisis, and all that… wait, sorry, that’s the goddamn jews’ fault.


    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      What a disgusting human being you are. For a while, I couldn’t tell if this was spam – genuine commenters usually make more sense than you. I notice you were too cowardly to leave your email address, but I do have your IP. There’s no place for racists like you on this blog.

      But in regard to historical accuracy and colour-blind casting (the only part of your comment with which I can engage, although I hate the language you’ve used): I think in the programme (which is an adaptation and a text in its own right), Friar Tuck’s colour is part of his backstory. But even if it wasn’t, I think it’s important that more roles be opened up to more actors; we already do it in theatre and we should do it in television too. David Harewood is a great actor. I also think it’s good for black kids to see actors on TV who look like them. Robin Hood is part of every British kid’s heritage, regardless of their colour.

      To conclude, fuck off and die.


      1. Marc Reed

        Typical Liberal! Telling someone to «fuck off» and «die» just because they don’t agree with the corruption of all things BRITISH. Africans are NOT BRITISH, nor are they European, and they NEVER will be. The same goes for Europeans living in South Africa; they are not Africans, they are EUROPEANS. And Friar Tuck was not African; THEY WERE ALL EUROPEAN. You insult the memory of such great legend by even suggesting that they were as such. And you think its good for African-children to see other Africans play BRITISH CHARACTERS—WHAT ABOUT THE FUCKING BRITISH CHILDREN, AYE? I don’t see Bollywood adapting to include more Europeans; so why should we include more foreigners?


        Unlike you, I’m not going to tell you to «die» or «fuck off». I’m simply going to ask that you change your self-hating ways and learn to love your own people. 🙂



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