Graduate unemployed during recession shock!

Friends, I am unemployed. But not, please God, unemployable. This week has brought not one but TWO (count ’em) job rejections, to add to the small but perfectly-formed pile of guarantees that I spend my whole life on JSA, at least until David Cameron gets in and harnesses me to some sort of moat-draining, cash-burning chain gang. It is almost as if two (count ’em) Oxford degrees do not magically guarantee one a life of affluent joy.

I am not dismayed (this is a lie). I have until 1ST JULY to find paid work. This is sort of a lie too, actually. Gather round. My lease, in a total departure from undergraduate Oxford leases, which force you out every holiday, runs from now until September 10. This is standard for one-year-Masters leases, because most Masters degrees have dissertation deadlines in September; mine, however, is due in mid-June. You have to give one month’s notice to break your lease. When I leave Oxford, I will return to the West Midlands, official home of the worst unemployment figures in the country. Now, I bow to noone in my love for the West Midlands, or indeed the Midlands in general. Only today, I engaged a Regents fresher in conversation because in her dulcet tones I detected the LAND OF MY MOTHERS, i.e. Netherton and/or Dudley (home of the amazing castle/zoo combo of Soviet-like depression). My great passion for Stratford-on-Avon is also well-documented. It contains my wonderful parents. My charming cat. The best theatre company on the planet. Any number of beloved schoolfriends are there, being gainfully unemployed at their parents’ expense.

However, there’s one bus an hour and everything closes. If I go home and don’t get a job offer/Distinction/DPhil funding/Lotto win, I will be there forever and I can’t even fall back on the safe Shottery standby of marrying a KES boy and getting a flat north of the river. I can’t do it.

The current plan is that, should I still be jobless and hapless by 1 July, I will give notice on my lease, and go home on 1 August. I am of course returning to the bosom of parents and rent-free living, which of course twists me into the twisty knots of middle class guilt, because it really does take a very special snowflake to worry about dole-penury when she’s got the promise of a warm bed, a stocked fridge and any number of paperbacks set in Cornwall about A Family And What Happens To Them (mother’s preferred reading. I do have sneaking fondness for same). Then again, I do have a friend who shops at Toast then complains she has no money (CHLOE) without spotting any kind of connection, so.

I intend to document my struggle. It will be stirring. It will be inspiring. It will doubtless become very obvious where I’m going wrong. Please tell me when it does. Tomorrow is for an eight-week TEFL contract, based in Oxford. I am hopeful, not to say desperate, and if I tell you all my hope is founded on the fact that the administrator was once an ASM in my biggest Oxford show, you’ll realise just what sort of situation this is. I have also just applied for a tutoring job in – of all places – California.

We shall see.

In the meantime, job tips! Websites! Inspiring stories of how you were once unwaged hopelessness, but are now smug and wealthy! If only in the noble coinage of job satisfaction etc etc etc. Also, please give me a job. I am good at all sorts of things. And I have only once had a job which paid double figures per hour.

In other news: The Costcutter across the road has stopped selling Haribo, and started selling ‘Last Will & Testament’ kits. I don’t want to believe that the two are related.

9 thoughts on “Graduate unemployed during recession shock!

  1. The Fail King

    What MEANNESS. Of course I see a connection. Am not actually DIM OF BRAIN.

    Cannot believe you are slandering me in yr blog during finals week.


    1. Melanie McCabe

      hahahahahaha! My husband completed a doctorate in History from Oxford 4 years ago. He has applied for more than 700 academic jobs in that time, had FOUR (count ’em!) interviews, and if he had a fiver for every time he was told he was a ‘strong candidate and bound to find something soon’, we’d be millionnaires. But he doesn’t and we aren’t. Luckily my degree is numerate so I’ve got some part time stuff that just about pays the bills (may I point out my degree is also a doctorate from Oxford, and I can only find part time work making spreadsheets for a friend’s business for a tenner an hour…).

      The idea that an Oxbridge degree guarantees a job makes me want to vomit my bitter laughter all down the front of my threadbare ‘interview’ suit.


  2. Kevin Breslin

    Sorry Cameron can no longer afford guns or scapels either for the above service, you may buy stones and broken glass from your local stones and broken glass dealer.

    Kevin Breslin:
    MSci Applied Maths & Physics (2:2), MPhil Electronic and Electrical Engineering, No job


    1. Kevin Breslin

      Unfortunately due to the recent decline in the profits of the glass and stone merchants because of high extraction and transport costs. In order to save money during this recession, Cameron now recommends that you now extract rocks and organs with your teeth if you have them or if you don’t, then someone elses teeth. These can be used to get discount loyalty points at your local glass and stone merchants or if your lucky, free toothpaste.


    2. Kevin Breslin

      The country can no longer afford stones and glass due to the costs involved in extraction from private properties, as part of the Big Society, Cameron recommends that if you cannot steal these from other countries then you use your teeth to extract ones own organs and take them down to your local Stones and Glass merchants where you will recieve a nice bonus of tax cuts, loyalty points and a free 2ml sample of toothpaste, somewhere between now and 2047.

      Thank You



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