How’s your thesis going?

Ellen Terry, painted in Choosing by Godwin. 1864. He married her WHILE SHE LOOKED LIKE THIS, people. Pervert.

Ellen Terry, painted in 'Choosing' by Godwin. 1864. He married her WHILE SHE LOOKED LIKE THIS, people. Pervert.

People In My Thesis With Appalling Daddy Issues:
1. Edward Gordon Craig (re: Irving)
2. H. B. Irving (INEVITABLE)
3. Fanny Kemble (re: J P Kemble), and
4. Helen Faucit, OH MY GOD, Helen Faucit, apparently she had it with Charles Kemble and Macready. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me, I love how messed up she is.

People In My Thesis With Appalling Paedophilic Tendencies:
1. John Ruskin.
2. George Frederic Watts.
3. Edward Godwin.

Awesome Lesbians:
1. Edy Craig.
2. Christopher St. John.

People Who Permit G B Shaw To Publish Their Mother’s Letters, Exhibit Their Huge Mummy Complex Then Run Round All Of Literature Claiming They Didn’t:
1. Edward Gordon Craig (AS IF WE EVEN NEEDED TO ASK).

People Who Played Hamlet With A Wooden Leg:
1. Sarah Bernhardt.

People Who Played Shakespeare’s Youngsters After It Was Technically Advisable
1. Sarah Bernhardt (Hamlet at 55)
2. Sarah Siddons (Isabella in her fifties)*
3. Ellen Terry (Innogen at 50)
4. Mrs Jordan (Isabella while, like, unbelievably pregnant and mid-30s).

People Who Died After Being In All’s Well That Ends Well

People With Whom Ellen Terry (may have) Had Sex
1. ALL.

*it should be noted that Clement Scott was sort of awesome about this.

**worryingly, this is currently the main point of my Chapter 2.

4 thoughts on “How’s your thesis going?

    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Thank you! Lists definitely are fun. I resort to them more often than I should, perhaps… 🙂


  1. lewiscarrollthethird

    If she and Godwin had stayed together until one of them died, no one today would be talking about her age when it began.

    Liked by 1 person


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