Barely visible.

My floor is covered in concentric circles of carrier bags, paperwork and shoes. Beset by my first-ever migraine/minor food poisoning/possibly an indication I need an eyetest, I spent this morning shuffling through the debri in floral pyjamas, yesterday’s jewellery (worn in an effort to convince myself I wasn’t dying) and big sunglasses. Were I not sort of round and well-nourished as opposed to gnarled and gaunt, I’d probably have looked like an elderly film star getting drunk on her doorstep. Fortunately, however, the rest of the day improved immensely, starting with the arrival of Jay with palatable vegeburgers and LLGFF evangelism, as well as the amusing juxtaposition of atheism with JCS-fangirling fury at people not knowing key bits of The Bible. Later,  job applications completed and sent off (some of them even for PAID WORK, shock), I had a long talk with an MCR friend I love and don’t see enough (and who, thank God, is simultaneously as nosy and open as myself), and, tonight, the sudden, blissful, roll-back-the-clouds arrival of an ACTUAL POINT to my thesis’s first chapter. I need to find a synonym for ‘patriarchy’.

Jay has even promised not to sacrifice me on the altar of her journalistic career – she’s interviewing me soon, for, er, these guys. I don’t know why either. She claims her editor’s enthusiastic; I’m waiting for the anvil to drop on my head. Actually, no, not fair – I’d be ecstatic about the whole thing were it not for the fact that they want a photo. I might use a pineapple as a standin.

In OR news, we’re all quiet for the vacation but there’s plenty to look forward to – I’m delighted to be continuing as Theatre Editor, with a new position on the Contributing Editors’ Board. Our new Editor-in-Chief Andrew Hammond reviewed for me last term, & I’m hoping he will carry on writing. I have two reviews coming up; As You Like It and Julius Caesar, both for the RSC. This will give me an excuse to make lots of posts about ensemble theatre, something I hope I’ll once again be experiencing for real when Love’s Labour’s Lost starts up.

I have so many links I want to share, and projects to plug, but the paper mines of OX4 call me. Going home Thursday, expect to hear more from me then! Oh, and in other news, I’m writing a play.

6 thoughts on “Barely visible.

  1. brrnrrd

    a) There is no juxtaposition there.
    b) You will thank me when some awesome headhunter dripping in power reads the article and EMPLOYS you.
    c) “Oh, and in other news, I’m writing a play” – in your own words, ‘more here!’


  2. clamorousvoice Post author

    a) Are you back from London, then?
    b) I don’t want to be employed by anyone who’s DRIPPING. Also doubt headhunters read Diva. BUT will certainly thank you should paid employment follow. Ever. Ever.
    c) It’s one of those projects/plots wherein I explain and then feel compelled to say “No, look, it’s better than it sounds”. Approximately two minutes of it are intensely funny. A shame, then, that I currently have fifteen minutes of material.


  3. eatyoursherbertkate

    Hmm, ‘patriarchy’ said otherwise – how about ‘all-encompassing load of balls’. For an academic-friendly version, why not try ‘male hegemony’?

    p.s. you are being interviewed in DIVA! This is stellar, and must be announced when it becomes a fait accompli. With pictures, please. You’ll be joining Amy Garner in the illustrious rolls of Oxford Lesbians Who Have Been In DIVA. So don’t even think about the pineapple.


      1. clamorousvoice Post author

        AND I just got offered a speaking gig. Through this blog. Jay, anyone would think I should take your advice more often. Move in my life.


    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Amy makes all the difference (is she still off sunning herself? Damn that woman). Male hegemony V. GOOD, altho as two words may be fatal to wordcount (suspect that, at current rate, chapter is going to come in 1800 words over the limit. Woe). Will duly let you know, tho hopefully will see you long before. xxx



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