Oxfordshire Conservatives (and happy birthday, chloe!)

I would love to know how on earth I ended up on the mailing list for Oxfordshire Conservatives … I am relieved to see the picture of their East Oxford candidate, Ed Argar. Any Tory whose own promotional materials show him to be heteronormative-white-male, somewhat smug and wearing a large shiny tie (against a Westminster backdrop) fortunately stands no chance of being elected.

Valiantly struggling to essay plan – always a moment for discovering that something you’ve seen as very simple is very complicated, or that something you’re asking in a complex way is remarkably simple. All this to a soundtrack of last.fm (my profile is here). Whenever I’m working on something boring, really appalling but incredibly perky pop music is the answer. Or really good and incredibly perky. Or deceptively perky and horrifically dark, like Lily Allen’s 22. ON AN UNRELATED NOTE, my wonderful friend Chloe is 22, and she is nothing like the song – she is beautiful in every way, and I adore her. She’s also the cleverest person to live, even if she’s misguidedly fond of Woolf. Chloe, I was offered a free copy of Orlando today, and as I shunned it, I thought of you. THAT’S LOVE.

(dude, now they’re playing t.A.T.u. EUROVISION LESBIANS FTW.)

2 thoughts on “Oxfordshire Conservatives (and happy birthday, chloe!)

    1. ILU2! I am laden down with gifts for you incidentally. Actually that’s a lie, currently I am laden down with work but my present for you is in my room! When’re you receiving???

      PS I’m sorry I invented the slogan ‘NOT DYING NOT TRYING’, told you you were the worst person in the world and hung up on you that time.


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