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So I think I’ve definitely made the move from my old blog at Blogspot. Update your links, etc etc. The format over here was just a bit too seductive, even if I’m not entirely happy with my layout yet. I’ve updated my blogroll – an eclectic mix of friends & the wider net.. am particular keen to get reading more good Oxford-based blogs, as well as anything on postgrad, journalism & the theatre.

Good news on the Oxonian Review website – I just commissioned a new piece today, & so enthusiastic is the contributor that I’m expecting a draft in tomorrow night! It’s on an exhibition currently running in Birmingham.. more to come when we have it!

Re-reading a lot of Caryl Churchill at the moment. I’ve loved her short plays (in particular) since I was at school – I think the best moments in reading (well, beyond the The History Boys quotation which I dig out with depressing regularity) are when it shows you something new about the form, when you stare down at what a writer has done with theatre, with emotion, with the language and think, oh, I didn’t know you could do that.

Last.fm, my source of free music, has started playing me really terrible Celtic sub-whine. One of the things I hate most in the world (okay, after, you know, cancer and war and all that sort of thing, in the same way you have to preface your ‘if I had three wishes’ list with ‘AFTER WORLD PEACE, OBV’) is when usually rah-rah-RP people (often from the Home Counties) assume a terrifying and terrible Oirish drawl on singing folk. I don’t mind folk (some folk. Nothing with small birds, or fields, or anyone’s widow having to raise their green-eyed child). I like the Irish. I hate closed eyes and bad accents as inflicted on the unwary. I don’t know how the website got from Texas (Sharleen Spiteri and Alan Rickman dancing a tango at Esso c. 2000? Anyone? It’s so bad it’s necessary to my essay reading) to this.

7 thoughts on “wordpress | Caryl Churchill | oh, Alan Rickman | more blogs please?

    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Is it good, though? I mean, will it make me laugh. Or is it like that song about bone cancer, I liked that one. Was that even folk? Did it only sound like folk because of the context in which I first heard it?


  1. brrnrrd

    I’m pleased that my titles meme is gradually disseminating; maybe I’m not the originator, but a number of my friends are adopting the A / B / C format. *grin*

    You should try Deezer. Like Last it has restrictions, but if you acquire a taste for the off-beat and obscure it’s great. You can make playlists that you can repeat over and over.

    I like the move. Blogspot is like a Fisher-price super 8 versus Sony’s Z1.


    1. clamorousvoice Post author

      Well look who it is.

      I had the most amazing Fisher Price kitchen as a child. With a DROP-LEAF table and a blue saucepan. I don’t even know what the Z1 is. Last is meant to have restrictions but as long as it keeps playing me the Goldberg variations, I’m happy! The titles thing has it merits (I am a bit in love with | because it means something in bibliography transcription, hoyes) and I hadn’t recognised the source (alarming) but any day now I hope to develop a flair for snappy, snappy titles that bring all the boys to the yard. And by boys, I mean &c.


  2. 12

    I also enjoy Alan Rickman dancing a tango – but I have no idea how that leads to being haunted by music of Celtic woe.



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