Tickets for David Tennant’s Hamlet | Complicit

Row K stalls seats for the last night of David Tennant’s Hamlet (Saturday 10th January) are now going for £371.00 and £265.00 a pair on Ebay. I’d be really wary of buying them; at Stratford, I seem to remember there was a zero tolerance policy on any tickets resold for profit. Also, the £265 bidder has blocked the numbers of the seats ‘for security reasons’. Yeah. And not because they’re way, way over at the side, of course.

On the other hand, my God, I would love to see it again. V good thing (for own sanity & finances) that it’s my friend Katie’s birthday party that night!

If you must buy, though, this £77 ticket for row T of the stalls seems to me like a better bet. The Novello has almost preternaturally good views (raked stalls – I think that it’s a Cameron Mackintosh theatre); I sat in row P on Monday and had an excellent view.

Excitingly, I’m going back to London on 19th January for the first night of Kevin Spacey’s new production at the Old Vic, Joe Sutton’s Complicit. Expect a review here & on the OR, also check out the incredibly sexy poster above (now with added Poirot, hurrah).

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