PhD comics & Biblical despair

My friend Chloe (who incidentally deserves mention on this blog as the cleverest person I know) sent this to me. Apparently I should be experiencing a moment of recognition. WHATEVS, Chloe. Whatevs. Also, thanks very much for introducing me to another source of distraction, seven days before this bloody coursework (I nearly typed ‘paper’, I nearly typed ‘paper’, I don’t love my American friends anymore) is due. Yesterday I was composing quasi-Biblical descriptions of my despair, explaining how I was going to go forth, even unto the banks of the Isis, and CRY OUT TO THE HEAVENS while rending my garb, for lo, verily, mine essay is 1200 words too long, and no conclusion doth it have. Except that now it is exactly the right length but NOT OVER-BURDENED by concluding remarks. Fellow grad students S and C have both (separately) emailed me to stress that their own impending doom. If you believed them, their essays are worthless vomitings. Fortunately, I don’t. Or unfortunately. And, of course, in typical End Days fashion, I’ve just picked up a book I wish I’d read six weeks ago: Michael Diamond’s Victorian Sensation (Anthem: 2003). Off to comb it for quotations, and hope that the ensuing 3rd draft isn’t held together too visibly with gaffer tape and tears.

Oh, and – I found out today that all 12 of us passed an exam we took ten days ago! So far, still on track for degrees….

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