Stephen Colbert Is My Personal Jesus

Two bits of journalism, first off: I previewed the opera (which wasn’t very good), and had a wonderful time at the first night of Romeo & Juliet (which was, as you may gather, incoherence-inducing and brilliant). I also found my archive page on the Cherwell website (at least for everything written under my own name) and discovered how lamentably bad a lot of my earlier stuff is (although the formatting/editing really really doesn’t help).
Meanwhile I have been mostly writing my dissertation for this term (lots of Collin and Braddon and hilarious bits from Punch), getting a supervisor, bonding with my fellow MSt students, and – excitingly – becoming the new Arts & Theatre Editor for the Oxonian Review (so another item on my list of places for which I write). That’s the old website – the new one is going to be (so I am told) terribly exciting and dynamic (and more based on the lines of I have A TEAM (this is tremendously exciting. Balancing my innate fear of these very talented and elegant people with my innate despotism and desire to laugh WHEE-HEE-HEE is v good exercise) and Power, Apparently (which is like Love, Actually only less charming and without the small child singing soul). I have also been watching all the Stephen Colbert clips that the internet sees fit to give me, notably Just A Quickie (which, hopefully, I have managed to embed at the top of this page). Overnight, my friend Jenny and I have become the kind of sad people who can analyse Stewart/Colbert clips second by stagegay second, encompassing discussion on Judaism, Catholicism and how exceptionally weird it is to see photos of Jon Stewart before he went grey.
Oh, and the best thing? I’m back working for these people over Christmas. So expect many more posts about stolen props, melted ice-cream, lunatic actors, weird audiences and the very best pub in the world.
ETA: Obama’s daughters to be educated by Quakers. As a part-time Quaker-of-sorts, this makes me inordinately happy.

3 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert Is My Personal Jesus

  1. Sophie

    There will definitely be shenanigans (ha, I had to look really closely & copy your spelling), so expect plenty of posts!


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