Just been to the press preview of the Oxford Playhouse production of Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men, which I’m reviewing for The Oxford Student. The website’s dead at present, so it’s unlikely my review’ll make it online – I might cnp it here. Obviously can’t say too much as to specifics as yet, but the production (which runs from 5th-8th November, and is directed by Tim Hoare) is definitely well worth seeing. Oxford actors Sam Caird, Vic Putz, Tor Lupton, Charlie Reston, Tom Palmer and Seb Peel star.
This week I’ll also be catching All Roads Lead To Rome at the Burton-Taylor Studios. Didn’t preview this one (due to monumental bias that nevertheless won’t stop me extolling its virtues here), but I know it’s going to be awesome; Ellen Buddle, who stars, is the best actress I’ve ever worked with. Sadly, the publicity art isn’t nearly as sexy as the Sorkin (actually, it’s a little bit rubbish – photo-based; I have yet to see a photo-based student poster that didn’t look poorly-lit and low budget), so it’s the Sorkin poster that’s featured here (with compliments to James Kennard, print designer). All Roads runs from Tuesday – Saturday at the BT, prices £5 full price, £4 for concessions. Watch the play’s Daily Info page for links to reviews as they appear. 
ETA: A closer look at my own upload tells me that Hoare’s production actually has its own, rather sexy website – AFGM.co.uk.

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